Q: What is this site for?
A: Streaming Soon gives Netflix subscribers info on movies and TV shows coming to Netflix's Watch Instantly streaming video service.

Q: Why do you do this?
A: Because if you're anything like me, it's really aggravating to finally get a DVD that's been in your rental queue for a while, only to find that I could watch it for free on streaming video a few days later. It makes me feel like I wasted a spot in my DVD queue. I'm here to save you that aggravation, so you can keep your rental queue populated with movies only available on DVD.

Q: Wasn't this site around before?
A: Yes, Streaming Soon was originally created in 2009. At that time, the site tried to inform users of everything that was coming to Netflix streaming. But as Netflix's streaming service exploded in popularity, and Netflix made streaming available for more and more movies, the workload got to be too much and the site was shut down. In June 2010, Streaming Soon was resurrected with a more limited scope, working on the theory that you're probably more eager to know about major studio releases and less interested in things like "Glassblowers of the Amazon Rain Forests".

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Shoot an email to admin@streamingsoon.com. I accept complaints, congratulations, donations, advertising requests, and pictures of your hot cousin.
I'm just kidding, of course. You don't have to send complaints.

Q: How about Twitter? I've been following you on Twitter for ages!
UPDATED 1/15/2011
A: Yes, you can follow me on my twitter account at streamingsoon, where I provide updates on the site's status and give you a heads-up on major releases that will be streaming in the near future.

Q: Cool. I don't suppose you're on Facebook too?
A: How can I be on the internet and not be on Facebook? I think it's a law or something. So yes, if you have a Facebook account you can add Streaming Soon as a friend. I do occasionally update my wall, but it's usually with the same info I post on Twitter. But hey, if you add the site, you've got one more friend to brag about. And we can all use more friends, right? Sure.

Added 10/26/2010:
Q: Hey! The site looks different! What happened?
A: I learned a little bit of javascript, at least enough to modify a basic data retrieval script written by Stephen Walter. (Thank you, Stephen!) As a result, Streaming Soon doesn't just focus on a select few titles coming to Netflix streaming. The site can now give you info on just about EVERYTHING that will be coming to streaming! When introducing the new scripts, I made some changes to the site's structure:
1) The main page now lists all titles coming to Netflix streaming in the next 7 days rather than a select few in the next 30 days. (Cutting down to 7 days keeps the page size reasonable.)
2) The Streaming Now list is gone from the main page, but you can still get a list of the last 50 titles added to streaming on the Newest Streams page.
3) There's now a drop down list in the sidebar that lets you choose a genre. This will list EVERY title in that genre that Netflix plans to add to their streaming library.
4) The IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes links are gone, because only a very small percentage of visitors ever used those links. Instead, you now get the average Netflix rating for each title.

Added 05/04/2011:

Q: You said "Ernest Goes to Paraguay" (or another favorite movie) was going to start streaming, but it isn't! What happened?
A: Streaming Soon takes information from Netflix's API and formats it in a way that's easier for friendly web surfers like you to understand. If the site says a movie was going to start streaming, it's because it was listed that way in Netflix's database. As far as why things change... I don't work for Netflix, so I don't know. I've tried to get answers from Netflix but never received any. Believe me, I get as disappointed as you do when my favorite flicks don't show up on streaming after Netflix's database says they will.

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